Pilsner Brewday

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Angel BrewDevil 50L Minimum and Maximums guide (BM-S500M-1).

Angel BrewDevil 50L Minimum and Maximums guide (BM-S500M-1). Volume up to                                                              52L (45L to full line) Voltage                                                                        220V – 240V Max Power                                                                  3000W Minimum Power                                                         100W Max Temp                                                                   100’c Minimum Temp                                                          25’C Max Time (per step)                                                180 Minutes Minimum Time                                                           1 Minute Power Cord                                                                 1M70cm Unit Height Without lid                                              […]

BrewDevil 50L Which overflow fitting to use?

Remember to remove 1/3 to these numbers for expansion. Short 0 to 6.29 KG – 1/3 for expansion = 0 to 4.2 KG Long 6.30 to 7.955 KG – 1/3 for expansion = 4.3 to 5.3 KG Short + Long 8 to 14.245 KG – 1/3 for expansion = 5.4 to 9.4 KG