What is Cold Passion?

David Hieatt and the team at DO Lectures are the inspiration behind our Cold Passion moving from an idea to reality. Below is what David has to say about Cold and Hot Passion!


There are two types of passion: hot passion and cold passion.

Hot passion is young, it’s intense and it has a great energy. You want to change the world. Your energy is from anger, from a desire to change something, or just from wanting to prove something to yourself or others. Most of your decisions come from the heart. Your emotions have a free reign. The brain is playing second fiddle to passion. There’s an awful lot of doing, but not much in the way of thinking things through.

In football terms, this is the equivalent of running around like crazy, chasing the ball. You chase the game, because you have no experience to know where to position yourself so the ball comes to you. Hot passion cannot sustain this amount of energy. It tires. It fades. And in the end just fizzles out. Too much running for too little of the ball. The return on energy (roe) is poor. Hot passion is why lots of start-ups fail. They run on this: Late nights, early mornings, gut instincts. Passion is its fuel. But when the heart is making all the decisions, the brain is not being called upon to think. And so, things can go wrong.

Of course, there are lots of examples of start-ups that thrive on hot passion, but there are many more that sadly fail because of it. But the interesting thing is that the start-ups that do fail, they seem to adopt a more cold passion to business number 2. They learn to take the emotion out of decisions, they learn to sit still and think, and they learn to change when things work differently to the original plan. The love is still there, but this time passion doesn’t travel alone. The brain is there to help this time. Start-ups that have failed once are much more likely to succeed the next time around.

One last example, a friend of mine, wants to be a photographer. Except he had a day job that stopped him doing his hot passion – taking photos. But that wasn’t a bad thing. Over time, he just kept dreaming about it. He kept taking photos in his spare time. And slowly he got good at it. He did some courses, and he got even better. And soon he will take a leap of faith to pursue his passion (cold)

And the chances are he is going to pretty successful at it.



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