Why a Refractometer is a Must!

Here at Cold Passion we think the simple sustainable way of working are the best. Limit your waste, don’t recycle make and buy better things, things that last. Head over to Emeco for a great story about sustainability in furniture. To us the humble refractometer is a great addition to any brewers kit bag and with only the basic care will last a life time. Its far more robust and 1000x times less wasteful than its cheaper cousin the hydrometer.

So, lets talk cost the refractometer start around £15 on ebay ranging up to £100’s of pounds; lets assume you pay a few more quid and buy one that is made in the UK, say around £30. Your looking anywhere from around £8 for a well made (UK) hydrometer. Once you have dropped one as you will inevitable do you can see the refractometer makes a lot of sense. Its also much easier to read and the Brix scale has a simple decimal calibration much like a tape measure.

You will need to bounce numbers back and forth between Brix and Specific Gravity but, this is no great choir and there are plenty of great calculators online.

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