Well Done Piper, you are a super detective!

The LOLs are hiding out in the jungle, they are waiting for you to save them!

We are really glad to see you solved the super-hard ancient puzzle and found your way here. We have managed to get a message to the LOLs in the jungle and they know you are on the case and they are very happy as they are sure you can save them, but we’re not there yet and we have more clues to solve.

You need to solve and enter number clue you found inside the ancient puzzle below to unlock the next step. All we know about that number puzzle is the numbers used to be letters but the compute the message was stored on broke down and when we tried to read the letters all we got was numbers. Not only that since the computer has been fixed it seems to be printing the wrong letter. When we try to print the letter A we get a B and its the same for all letters in the alphabet, it prints the next letter along. Example when were type BEAR we get CFBS.

We think the answer is the name of a bird??? You may need to look on the internet for pictures of birds to see if your answer is right.